Believe it or not, our hairstyle is a reflection of our personality, a way of expressing ourselves through our body. Our way of speaking, moving and dressing can’t be complete without the color style that represents us best; especially in women. A hair in poor condition can say many negative things about our personality and even affect our relationships.

Giving basic care to our hair at home is not difficult, but not looking for a professional hairstylist for more specific procedures can be extremely bad for you. Many women like to change their color styles frequently and some of them dare to do it themselves to save a few bucks; but cheap always ends up being more expensive.

There are thousands of types of dyes and you must know the chemistry and application procedure of each to avoid accidents that not only can leave you with a horrible color but also can cause hair loss. We’ll share with you some very good reasons for going to a professional hairstylist instead of experimenting with your color style at home:

  1.    Incomplete Coverage: “I applied all the dye and my gray hair is still visible” When semi-permanent products without peroxide or ammonia are used, it’s common for these things to occur. Gray is difficult to dye uniformly; the same can happen when covering a color that has a long time applied.
  1.    Irregular Color: Did you try to touch up your color style and end up with a mess in your head? Color saturation is one of the most common causes of irregular hair color: veined or darker at the tips than at the root. Apply a dye on another many times won’t give you good results.
  1.    Unwanted Color: “My hair went from black to orange!” This is one of the most common mistakes when color style is changed at home, and one of the worst too! Keep in mind that tinctures can lighten up to two shades, in the case of dark tones; and up to four, if it’s a naturally light color. As discoloration is something that must be done carefully, it’s convenient to resort to a professional hairstylist.

These and many other incidents that can occur when you or someone else without experience dyes your hair, not to mention the risks this may imply for the health of your scalp. Some poorly applied products can even burn your skin and cause the hair to fall out by strands; that’s why we´d like to ensure your hair’s health first.

We have the best team of professional hairstylists in Orlando to guarantee you a beautiful hair color style and complete grey coverage in just 10 minutes, but not before making sure that your hair is properly hydrated and ready for a new color. You’ll leave Mildred Emmanuelli salon feeling beautiful as a Queen, just as you deserve.

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