Motrher” Day – Style! | Sunday, May 9

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:beso:  Featuring
Plastica dos Fios Brazilian Keratin Treatments! |
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:apuntando_hacia_la_derecha:Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica dos Fios restructures, moisturizes, and smooths the hair immediately.  Without the need for the dry or iron, it remains smooth and shiny, so the waves disappear while the treatment is in progress. [The Best of Keratin! of course!]

:marca_de_verificación_gruesa::marca_de_verificación_gruesa:Provides hydration to dry, porous, and battered hair, regular Keratin does not smooth as much as the effect offered by Hair Plastic Surgery.
:marca_de_verificación_gruesa:In-store Purchase Special 

:marca_de_verificación_gruesa::marca_de_verificación_gruesa: $99 take home the 4 step Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica dos Fios Kit  [:beso:]
:marca_de_verificación_gruesa:Make an appoitnment online 24-7 with our new Booking system!
:marca_de_verificación_gruesa:complimentary consult [20] minutes on all Keratin makeovers – must make an appointment please…

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