Be Your Own Premium Salon Boss

The My Salon Rental service: When no challenge is too great for someone who doesn’t drop scissors, doesn’t complain and is always looking for a way to innovate on their job. That’s when you know you are at the presence of a really good Hairstylist, a person who makes circumstances work in his/her favor despite the odds.

So, whenever you´re looking for a hairdresser booth rental, barber shop booth rental and cosmetology booth rentals in Orlando we got you covered. The “My Salon Station” rental is always available online and thru our contact email and phone. After contacting us, a Corporate Team Member will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a complimentary VIP Tour of our Beautiful Salon.

Rent a space in a salon that’s been engineered specially for you, with adaptability and comfort in mind. It doesn’t matter if it is for a weekend or a month, your needs are covered within our specially designed “My Salon Rental” service. Work with the confidence that professionals from your very own industry got you covered with everything you need to keep being competitive all year-round.

Salon Rental for your Unique Style

Don’t miss the chance to demonstrate that each occasion provides you a blank canvas on which you can produce a masterpiece. Let your clients know what you´re capable of. My Salon rentals offers Barbers and Beauticians the space, settings and commodities they needs to unleash their artistic potential. The attention to detail, the unique styles and a competitive attitude separates regular from extraordinaire within the hairstyling world. It’s a constant struggle to be unique and maintain oneself as sharp as one can be – every time. Let your clientes experience that unique sensation of having the best professionals work on their very own personal style.

Book your VIP Tour of a My Salon Station rental by contacting us here or vía email at or call us by Phone: 407-922-3345.

Mildred Emmanuelli
Premium Beaty Salon
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