Wedding day is one of the most important ones for a woman, and choosing what to wear is the most worrying thing for all brides. If you’ve already decided to use a veil ¡Great! We love working with them. They’re a vintage and very romantic accessory for looking unforgettable in that special day, and  you must complement the right wedding hairstyle for wearing it.

The most exciting thing about wearing a wedding veil is that they come in many different ways: short, with a drop in the tail, 50s style, with lace, lace embroidery like a mantilla, like a cape, long, with small shiny crystals… And each one of them needs a hairstyle that holds it well to prevent it from moving or falling when you are walking towards your endless love.

We know that the preparations for a wedding are not always easy, and being that day so dreamed you want everything to be perfect. That’s why we want to give you a hand so that your wedding hairstyle looks perfect from every angle; no matter if you have long, short, curly or straight.

Follow these tips so that your veil looks with a mixture of fierce and sweetness that will leave them all open-mouthed.

  1.      Although it seems obvious, don’t wait until the last moment to put on your veil. Make different try on with the veil and the rest of the accessories before wedding day and don’t hesitate to take as many photos as possible from all angles. Do it as many times you need; in each one you may see things (for better or for worse) that you didn’t see at the first time.
  2.      Loose Hairstyle: I doesn’t matter if you have long hair or a short bob, you don’t necessary need to make a bun in your hair to wear a veil. A loose hairstyle with some waves will give you a very romantic and easygoing look for your wedding day. Just be sure to choose a small veil or one that doesn’t weigh too much, and your professional hair stylist will set it on the top of your head with the help of bobby pins and maybe a very fashionable flower brooch.
  3.      Side Tang Braid: Braids are totally in this year, so why letting them apart in your wedding day? You can use them as a pretty detail in your hairdo or you can gather all the hair in a tang braid that falls on your shoulder. You can pull up some locks of hair and even decorate the braid with little flowers or leaves for a boho hairstyle. Finally, your veil will look beautiful on the top of your head or the nape of your neck.
  4.      Half Tail: One of the best options for brides for its versatility and practicality to wear the veil and showing off their other accessories, without losing that romantic but modern touch that almost all seek in their wedding hairstyle. Pull up your hair with braids, curls, a delicate floral arrangements or a glass brooch; it all depends on your taste, a professional stylist will make sure of leaving you stunning for your special day.
  5.      Classic Bun: The hair bun is back! The classical wedding hairstyle of the 60’s it’s a trend again; elegant and sharp without losing the romanticism. There are so many ways of putting together this hairstyle, you can keep the classic ballerina bun or make it with braids or waves. Wear it with a fringe and a tiara, your veil will look perfect hanging from the bun.

You only have to choose a hairstyle that suits best for your entire bridal outfit and our professional stylist team will make sure you look breathtaking while saying “I Do” to the love of your life. Be sure to check out our Wedding Packages and services here.

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